Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

When are you open?
See our calendar for show times.
How much seating do you have?
Hermann's has 33 tables with seating for 140 guests including 15 bar seats.
Does Hermann's support local musicians?
Hermann's is very supportive of local musicians. Our regular events host community Big Bands, High Schools plus profesional and aspiring musicians at our weekly Jam Session.


Where can I buy CD’s by local musicians?
Musicians often have their CD's available at their show. Some musicians also sell them on their website.


Are children allowed in the club?
Yes, Hermann's is a licensed restaurant. Children are welcome at Hermann's. 
Is the club wheelchair accessible?
Yes. Hermann's is at street level with a small ramp to the door. We also have an accessible washroom.
Can I bring my own wine?
Yes. Must be store bought (no home brews) and given to your server immediately for corking: fee $20.
Can I take unfinished bottles of wine home?
Yes. Your server must cork it and if you are driving it needs to be stored out of reach of the driver.
Is smoking permitted in the club?
No. In 1996 The Capital Regional District (CRD) passed a bylaw restricting the smoking of cigarettes, pipes, cigars and now e-cigarettes in public places. This bylaw applies to Hermann's as it does to other clubs. Smoking is not permitted in the club.


Is there a cover charge for live events?
Yes. Most events have a cover charge.
Is there a minimum charge?
Yes. There is a minimum charge of $10 per person.
Do you have a dance floor?
Yes. With a disco ball!
Where can I park my car?
There is parking available on the street and in the parkade nearby on View Street.

Ticket Registrations/ Bookings

How can I make ticket reservations at Hermann’s?
Visit the Tickets and Reservations menu for all the details on Registering Tickets.
Can we rent the club for a private function?
Yes. Contact us at (250) 388-9166 or email us at for more details.


How do I subscribe to your email list?
Go to the Contact Us page and enter your email address in the subscribe field and hit subscribe!
How often do you send out email to your mailing list?
Our calendar update is sent out approximately monthly.
If I subscribe to your mailing list how will my e-mail address be used?
Hermann's uses your email address only for sending out our monthly calendar. We do not share, rent or sell our email list with any other organization. For more details see our privacy policy.


I’m a musician. How can I book myself at Hermann’s Jazz Club?
Contact us at (250) 388-9166 or email us at